Managing Your Connection from the May 2000 Actrix Newsletter

by Jeremy Fairbrass

How many times have you begun to download a large file from the internet, and had to wait around at the computer for the download to complete so that you could disconnect? Unfortunately Windows doesn't have any method of automatically disconnecting after a download has finished, and this can be a nuisance when you're on a time-based internet account where every minute counts!

However there are programs available that will disconnect automatically for you - and one such free program is called Connection Manager. Connection Manager has two main features: the first is that it will automatically disconnect you after a pre-selected amount of time. It has a countdown timer that you can set to any period you wish (e.g. 1 hour) and after it has counted down this period, it will hang up your modem. The second feature is that it will automatically disconnect you after a pre-selected window has disappeared. This feature is very useful if you are downloading a file from Internet Explorer or Netscape.
When such a file is being downloaded, the downloading status usually is displayed in a small window on your screen, separate from the main Internet Explorer or Netscape window. And once the download has finished, this small window usually disappears. So you can tell Connection Manager to watch a particular window, and the moment it disappears, Connection Manager will hang up the modem for you!

You can also set both features at once - in which case Connection Manager will disconnect the modem either when the countdown timer reaches 0, or when the pre-selected window disappears - whichever occurs first. So now you can download a large file and not have to wait around for it to finish!

Connection Manager's web site can be found at and the program can be downloaded at