Macintosh Basics Chapter Six

by Jim Breen
from the August 2003 Newsletter

Actrix has many customers who are using Macintosh systems and some information and tips on how these customers can get the most out of their internet experience and be able identify and rectify common problems should be useful.

Last month Jim Breen Connection Settings. This month he writes about E-mail Settings. Next month will be Jim's last piece and will cover Macintosh browser tips. - Ed.

Email Settings

There are many different e-mail programs and versions of these being used on Macs and the procedure differs for each. However, they all require the following settings to be added if they are to send and receive e-mail.

E-mail address
Incoming mail server address (POP3) - Type in:
Outgoing mail server address (SMTP) - Type in:
Account name, this is the first part of your email address before the @

To find the place to enter these details in different e-mail programs:

Outlook Express
Select Tools from the menu and click on Accounts.
Click on New to set up a new account or Edit to check or change an existing one.

Netscape Communicator 4.xx
Select Edit from the menu and click on Preferences.
Choose Mail and Newsgroups from the list on the left.
Select Identity and type in your email address.
Select Mail Servers and either add or select what is showing in the incoming mail server box and click on Edit.

Select Special from the menu at the top and click on Settings.
Select Getting Started from the left and type in the required boxes.

Version 1 - Select Setup and go to Internet Setup, Version 2 - Select Setup and go to Accounts.

Go to File and click on Network Connections or Tools/Internet Options depending on your version.

Mac OS X mail
Select Mail from the Menu and click on Preferences.
Select Create Account or Edit to check or change current settings.

Netscape 7 Mail
Select Edit from the menu at the top and click on Mail and Newsgroups Account Settings.
From the menu at the left you can select Server Settings or Add or Remove an account.

Mail Tips

macbasics6image.jpg (12051 bytes)Netscape Mail

If you can’t see your mail folders or you have a toolbar missing, go to View/Show and tick the missing items.

Clean up wasted space by selecting all your mail folders in turn (inbox trash etc) and then select Edit/Get info and click on Clean up wasted space.

You can sort mail in your mail folders by clicking on the Subject, To, From or Date showing at the top of your message pane. If you click again on the date you can change the order to either show latest at the top or the bottom of the list. The same applies to Subject and To/From which will sort alphabetically.

Outlook Express

To change toolbars, folder list or preview pane go to View and select the item.

If you want to monitor progress of messages being sent or received go to Window on the menu at the top and select Progress.

To remove quoting characters when you reply or forward, go to Edit/Preferences and click on the Compose Tab.

As in Netscape mail you can sort by clicking on any of the headers at the top of the message pane.

There are very comprehensive rules and schedules settings that can be applied in various ways by going to Tool/Schedules and Tools/Rules. There is also a Junk mail filter available from here as well.

If you ever find that a message has not been sent from the Outbox for whatever reason, and will not go with a further Send/Receive, you can avoid writing it up again by dragging the message to Drafts. Open it from there and click on Send.