Macintosh Basics Chapter Five

by Jim Breen
from the July 2003 Newsletter

Actrix has many customers who are using Macintosh systems and some information and tips on how these customers can get the most out of their internet experience and be able identify and rectify common problems should be useful.

Last month Jim Breen finished up Part 2 of two sections on Practical and System Tips. This month we feature Macintosh Connection Settings - Ed.

Macintosh Connection Settings

Dialup Settings

To check your settings or set up a new Actrix connection you need to access three items in Control Panels. Go to Apple Menu/Control Panels and look for -
Remote Access (called PPP in OS 8.1)

Open remote Access (PPP) and type in the appropriate user name, password and phone number (086722874). Click the close box in the top left corner and save settings.

Connect Via: PPP
Configure: Using PPP Server
Name server addr: and 203.96.16 .36
Additional Search domains:
Click the close box in the top left corner and save settings.

Open Modem
Connect Via: Internal Modem. Modem: Select the modem being used, usually Apple Internal 56K Modem (v.90) or. if using an external modem, select the correct script for that modem.
Sound: On
Dialing: Tone
Click the close box in the top left corner and save settings.

To connect, open Remote Access and click on the Connect button.

Setting up multiple dialup connections

If you have more than one ISP connection or two people use the same computer and have their own accounts, it is possible to set up a new configuration so the user name, phone number etc does not have to be re-entered each time.

With Remote Access open go to File menu and select Configuration

The default setting is the one you have set up at present. Click on Rename

Type a name for your new configuration and click OK. You will now see the two configurations showing. Select the one you want to use and click on Make Active.
Type in the username, phone number and password for this connection.

To select which one you want to use each time just go to File/Configurations and select the configuration you want to make active.

Macintosh OS X Dialup Connection

Check OS X Connection settings

  1. From the System Menu choose System Preferences.
  2. Click on the Network icon.
  3. Click on the arrow box on the Show pop-up list and choose Internal Modem.
  4. Click on the TCP/IP tab.
  5. Click the arrow box on the Configure pop-up list and choose Using PPP.
  6. In the Domain Name Servers field type: and 7.
  7. In the Search Domains field type:
  8. Click on the PPP tab.
  9. In the Telephone Number field type: 086722874.
  10. In the Account Name field type your Actrix username.
  11. In the Password field type your Actrix password.
  12. If you want the programme to remember your password check the Save password box.
  13. Click the PPP Options button.
  14. Check the box next to Connect automatically when starting TCP/IP applications.
  15. Uncheck the box next to Prompt to stay connected.
  16. Uncheck the box next to Disconnect if idle.
  17. Check the box next to Disconnect when user logs out.
  18. Click the OK button.
  19. Click on the Proxies tab.
  20. Uncheck all the boxes.
  21. Click on the Modem tab.
  22. Click the arrow box on the Modem pop-up list and choose Apple Internal 56K Modem (V90).
  23. Click the Tone radio button in the Dialing area.
  24. Check the box next to Show modem status in menu bar.
  25. Click Apply Now.
  26. Close the Network window.
  27. Your computer is now configured for Actrix Networks.