Linux - Open Office

from the April 2002 Newsletter
by John Anderson

Thanks, John, for your article. John Anderson works on the Actrix help desk, and hopes to contribute articles to the newsletter over the next few months, particularly with a focus on Linux. John is also keeping us up-to-date with his own progress coming to grips with this operating system. -Ed.

Unfortunately, this month's article has to be a short one. You can expect much more from me next month. I downloaded Open Office several weeks ago. The installation was painless, and professional. While I waited for my machine to run through the setup, the slideshow utility ran through the capabilities of the product. Since then I've used it to write several articles and documents with complex formatting and only once or twice had to look around for what I wanted. I've still yet to explore all the capabilities of this huge product. I will update you further as I explore all the possibilities.

Next month, I'll be starting a new segment on installing Debian/GNU Linux. We're also working on providing installation CDs at cost for those who are interested in trying Linux.

If you are interested in installing Linux, try these links:

Debian Planet -
Linux Newbie -
Linux and Debian Documentation -

And fresh information about Open Office can be found here:

Open Office -

If you have any questions about Linux, please contact me at