Internet Code of Practice from the November 1999 Actrix Newsletter

by Rob Zorn

I wonder how many of our customers are aware that there is a New Zealand Internet Code of Practice.

This code was developed and administered by the Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ) of which Actrix was a founding member. In fact our very own senior technician, John Vorstermans, was instrumental in drawing up the draft code, co-ordinating input from ourselves, fellow ISP's and other groups and companies with an interest in the Internet. He currently still chairs the Technology Committee.

Actrix is proud of its early involvement with the Internet Society of New Zealand (ISOCNZ) and of its status as a founding signatory of the Code of Practice. We believe it demonstrates a commitment to high standards as well as an early perception of the power of the Internet, and its need for self-regulation and responsible use. It is our hope that all ISP's in New Zealand will one day be signatories to the Code of Practice.

Our policy at Actrix is that the Internet should be available and open to all New Zealanders so that everyone can benefit and be enriched by its international communications and information potential. Wherever there is potential for use, however, there is also potential for abuse, and we believe it is incumbent upon Internet Service Providers to acknowledge the need for regulation. Freedom of speech, of course, is an important right that ought to be protected. At the same time we believe that adult, or any potentially harmful sites, should operate within responsible guidelines that protect the young or impressionable. It was acknowledgement of such responsibilities that led Actrix and others within the industry to develop the Code of Practice.

You can view the Code of Practice at The Code of Practice defines objectionable material, outlines complaints and disputes procedures and provides further information about Internet standards of conduct.

The Internet Society of New Zealand also provide "12 Commandments" of Internet use that explain your rights and responsibilities as an internet user and which also give "netiquette" guidelines. You can view these "Twelve Commandments" at

Lastly, Actrix customers concerned with restricting what those in their care can see or visit on the Internet should pay particular attention to the Content Control article included in this newsletter.