What's the Story Behind Gen and Co?
from the August 2000 Actrix Newsletter

Occasionally there is confusion amongst users over the subdomains gen and co that appear in Actrix URLs and email addresses, so I thought I'd briefly explain why we have those two subdomains.

Actrix Networks Ltd was New Zealand's first ever Internet Service Provider. We began in 1989. At that time there was a limited number of subdomains available: .ac denoted academic, .mil denoted the military, .govt denoted government, and .gen short for general) included just about everything else. There wasn't yet a .co domain.

Now that there is a .co subdomain, Actrix has appropriately included itself there.   We have mapped co to gen so that, in effect. they are virtually interchangeable. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, your email address will appear as @actrix.gen.nz and sometimes as @actrix.co.nz. Either will work as well as the other at any time.

Similarly, www.actrix.gen.nz, will get you to our web site as will www.actrix.co.nz or www.actrix.com.