Dialup Networking Error #5 - Error: 718 from the October 2001 Newsletter

by John Kontopos

Error 718: PPP - Timeout

A PPP (connection) negotiation was started, but terminated because the remote computer did not respond within an appropriate time.


  1. Poor phone line quality
  2. A problem with the server at the ISP
  3. The wrong username and or password was entered.
  4. The wrong phone number was dialled by the connection..
  5. The server type settings maybe incorrect on the computer.
  6. The modem may need initialisation string to stabilise its operation.


  1. If you are using extension cords or faxes or any other similar device, disconnect them and try again
  2. Find out if Actrix is experiencing any server problems (0800-228749).
  3. Make sure the correct username and or password have been entered.
  4. Verify that the correct access number is being used, ie. 086722874.
  5. Make sure the server types in dial up networking is set to PPP, and TCP/IP box is ticked.
  6. Use a initialisation string such as +ms=v90 for smoother operation.

Does this all sound a little complicated? Call the Actrix helpdesk for assistance (0800-228749).