Dialup Networking Error #2 Error: 680
from the June 2001 Actrix Newsletter

by John Kontopos

Error 680: There is no dial tone

Help, I can't hear a dialtone!

This error informs that your modem believes it cannot detect a dial-tone on the phone line.


  1. A telephone or other device is currently using the line.
  2. The modem is not connected properly.
  3. The line or modem cables are faulty.
  4. The modem is faulty.
  5. The dial tone is not recognised by the modem.


  1. Make sure that you can get a dial tone on a telephone handset connected to the phone line.
  2. Make sure that the cable is correctly plugged into the modem jack and the wall jack. The telephone line may be connected to the wrong outlet on your modem, Make sure that the cable is connected to the outlet called "Line."
  3. Make sure no other device which may be sharing the telephone line, such as an answering machine, is "off the hook." Double check to make sure that all other devices are "on the hook."
  4. Many voicemail systems, such as the Call minder service, uses “beeping” to indicate that you have voicemail waiting. These beeps can make the modem think there is no dial tone. Make sure you clear your voicemail before you dial a connection to the internet. Our help desk can help you set your modem to wait for a correct dialtone.
  5. The telephone cables or extension cords may be damaged. Test these on a regular telephone.