Dialup Networking Error 650
by John Kontopos

Error 650: The Remote Access server is not responding

The causes for this error can vary. Here are some common ways in which one may resolve this problem.


  1. A possible problem or error with the setup of the modem.
  2. There could be excessive line noise.
  3. There may be a problem with the network settings on your PC.
  4. Your modem may not be operating correctly at v90 spec.
  5. The dialup networking connection may be corrupt.


  1. First try to shut down the PC and or external modem for approx 2-3 min then restart.
  2. If you have line noise remove any device on the same line, ie faxes or answer machines.
  3. Make sure the modem is properly setup and that you are using a correct init string or extra setting.
  4. Try to lower the port speed to 57600 in the modem properties and disable v90, you can do this by adding an extra setting ie. for Connexant modems +ms=v34
  5. The dialup networking may need to be uninstalled then reinstalled.
  6. You may have to remove TCP/IP in the network settings in Control Panel then re-add them. Note: you may require the Windows 95/98/ME cdrom. If you require help call the Actrix helpdesk.

To learn how to check you network settings and reinstall them follow this link.


If you require any help for any of these steps or require a extra setting for your type of modem, call the Actrix helpdesk for assistance (0800-228749).