Dialup Networking Error #3 Error: 630
by John Kontopos

From the July 2001 Newsletter

Error 630: The port was disconnected due to hardware failure.

This error indicates a communications problem between Windows 95/98 and your modem.


  1. This modem could be damaged or not connected.
  2. The modem may not be installed or configured properly.
  3. If there have been electrical disturbances (thunderstorms/power-failure/surges) since the last time the modem worked, your modem may have been damaged.
  4. This error may also occur if your modem has been given a bad initialisation string.
  5. There maybe a problem with your computer's serial port.
  6. There maybe a conflict between your modem and another device on your computer.


  1. Re-start your computer, then try again.
  2. If you have an external modem, make sure the cable is connected, and the modem is powered on.
  3. If the modem has never worked, double-check the installation.
  4. If you entered an initialisation string, try removing it and restarting the computer.
  5. You may need to take the PC to a computer technician to ensure the modem is functional and that there are no conflicting devices.
  6. If you have recently installed new hardware or software, uninstall it and re-try.