Cutting Down on Your Help Desk Reliance

from the April 2002 Newsletter
by Rob Zorn

Nobody at Actrix is going to deny that there are times when it is difficult to get through to the help desk. With the help of our own inimitable Jim Breen, I've listed below a few things you can think about that may cut down the number of times you have to find yourself in a frustrating phone queue.

Now, my aim is not to discourage your use of the help desk. Every Actrix customer is entitled to call the help desk as often as they like for free. You are more than welcome to. However, we've gleaned a few tips for you here that represent some of the most common call causes. In a lot of cases customers may find that they can help themselves quite quickly without needing to call the support team at all.


Set as your homepage so you can keep up with latest developments which are posted there most days. You can then also get familiar with the things you can check yourself from there. All the Actrix plan types are described under the Domestic menu. If you want to find out about them, a few clicks is all it takes.

2.Go to the Actrix homepage and enter the Members Account section (you'll need your username and password)/ You'll find all sorts of things you can do with your own account in there.

3. If you are getting multiple e-mails or cannot download an e-mail try using the Actrix Webmail feature. You can usually delete the offending mail from there yourself.

4. Use the Contact Us link to send an email for routine matters or non-urgent inquiries.

5. If you have lost your invoice you can print it out yourself under Members Account/My Info/Statements.

6. While you're in the Members Section, check that your postal address is current and update it using My Info/Edit my Account/ Change contact details.

7. If you are getting disconnected after checking e-mail, go to Tools/Options/Connections and untick the box that says "Disconnect after sending and receiving." This is a very common problem.

8. If you do need to call, and you really have no idea what is going wrong, try restarting the computer and try connecting again before calling Support. Many problems are simply caused by software having got itself into knots. This can also help if you're finding your Internet traffic has slowed after you've been online for a little while. If you have one of the more "economical" software modems that rely on your computer's processor for their grunt, then they too can get themselves tied up in knots, especially if there's a load on your processor. Simply disconnecting and re-connecting can make all the difference (for a little while).

9. Have the computer switched on when you call Support.

10.Be at the computer with the phone when you call.

11. Know what your username or account number or email address is.

12. Keep track of what error messages you were receiving when the problem occurs. Write them down before you call if you can.

13. Remember that we give support for Internet related problems and that we are not a computer support centre. We can't help with things like printers, scanners, and any other programs you may have installed such as ICQ, Realplayer, Word etc.