Actrix Privacy

from the June 2002 Newsletter
by Amber McEwen

What do we do with your information?

Due to the changes we made earlier this year many of you have chosen to register your credit card details with us. At the same time many of you have expressed concern about where we store your credit card information and who has access to it. To address this concern we have recently updated our Terms & Conditions to include a section on how we deal with your Personal Information. So I thought I would take this opportunity tell you about the changes we have made.

Collecting Your information

In order for you to open an account with us you need to provide us with some personal information. This usually includes your name, address, phone number and it may include your credit card details. At any time you can see the information we hold about you by logging into the Members Section of our web site where you can view the details we have for you on record. Once you have logged in you can correct any of your personal information by going to My Info/Edit My Account. To find out what credit card details we hold for you, you will need to call our Help Desk and speak to one of our accounts personnel.

Storing Your information

Protecting your personal information is important to us, so any information we hold about you is kept securely in our customer database. Your credit card details are stored in such a way that they can only be viewed by our Accounts Department.

When you close your account

If you close your account we will erase your credit card details from our database within 24 hours, unless there is money owing on your account. If money is owing we will remove your credit card details 24 hours after the account has been paid. The rest of your personal information will be deleted from our database within 12 months. If at the end of this time you either owe us money or your account is in dispute we will keep your information in our database until payment is made or the dispute is resolved.

To view our complete Terms & Conditions please visit the Actrix website ( ) and click on the About Actrix/Actrix Terms & Conditions link on the home page.