From the Actrix Online Informer June 2012

Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely spam!

by Rob Zorn

Regardless of whether you love or hate Monty Python's spam sketch, chances are you hate getting spam.

A number of readers have recently noticed an increase of spam emails entering their inboxes. These include messages from Kiwibank asking you to log in to your account, requests to help dying billionaires, job offers, massive lottery winnings, inheritance scams, and so forth.

Spam quantities seem to ebb and flow – some months you'll receive just a few, and others months they'll come flooding in. But they seem to have been on the increase of late.

While it may look like our filters are missing a lot of these, you can be assured that the vast majority of spam emails sent to your account are being intercepted and trashed. Filters work by assessing each and every email against certain known spam criteria, and will filter off an email if it scores highly enough on the spammy scale.

But spammers are clever. Usually they're sending through insecure servers all around the world and they change their sending locations regularly, which makes it impossible to trace them (and deal to them the justice they deserve). They're also aware of how filters work and constantly change the characteristics of their messages, making it a real challenge for our spam filters to catch absolutely everything because it's harder for them to tell a spam from a legitimate email, and if we tighten things up too much a higher percentage of legitimate emails could be rejected as spam.

The bottom line is, spam will always be with us unless someone thinks of a miracle cure. Best to try not to let is spoil your day.




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