From the Actrix Online Informer February 2012

MyActrix Managing your Actrix account

The 'Manage your account information' feature of My Actrix allows you to interact directly with our database and change your contact details. If you've moved or changed your PO box you don't need to call the help desk (though you're always welcome to), you can just log in here and update the details yourself. Log in to My Actrix at the Actrix home page.

Changing Passwords
You can also change your password here. You will need to know what your current one is, of course, before you can change it, and you can only change the password you're currently logged in under. If you want to change the password for one of your mailboxes you can do this under your main account log in, but you'll need to select Manage Your Actrix Services to do that (see below).

Check Statements
This option let's you check your statements. Not sure about a bill or whether or not it's been paid? You can find out here.

Mailbox Usage
The option allows you to check your mailbox usage. By default you're allowed 100MB for each mailbox and if yours is full, people sending email to you will receive a bounce message telling them you can't receive email because you're over-quota. This feature allows you to check how much space each mailbox under your account is using, and would be a good place to check if you think you're not receiving emails anymore and wondering why.

Tolls Usage
This page shows a list of unbilled toll calls; that is a list of calls made since your last Actrix Tolls invoice. We aim to keep this information as up-to-date as possible and the page is updated daily with call information generally available within 24 hours.

CyberJet Usage
This page shows the size of your CyberJet (Actrix broadband) traffic allowance, how much you have currently used, and when your allowance next resets. It also has graphs showing your average speed over the past 24 hours and seven days, plus a 'Last 30 Days' graph which displays the total traffic (both upload and download) used for each of the past 30 days along with the total and daily average.

If you find you're regularly going over your allowance and being rate limited or charged for excess usage you might need to think about upgrading. For information on our current plans and how to change just click here.

For more tips and tricks click here for an Actrix Online Informer article about MyActrix.



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