From the Actrix Online Informer April 2011

Broadband rate limiting explained

We've been getting feedback indicating some customers aren't quite sure what rate limiting means in regards to their broadband connection, and what other options there may be. So we thought we'd provide an article addressing those questions.

Most Actrix broadband customers are on a plan with either a set monthly or a set daily traffic allowance. A traffic allowance is how much data (web pages, emails, videos, images, etc) you are allowed to download/upload per month or per day. Rate limiting kicks in when you reach the end of this allowance (e.g. your 10GB per month, 400MB per day, etc, according to the plan you're on).

When you're rate limited your connection speed is reduced to 64Kb (a little faster than dial-up) until the next time your traffic allowance resets. Customers on a monthly allowance will have their speed reduced for the remainder of their billing month, while customers on a daily allowance will have their speed reduced until the next daily reset time (which is normally 2am). In other words, we don't ordinarily charge you for extra traffic (data you download/upload) after your allowance is exceeded, we just slow you down.

However, there are other options.

Customers on plans with a monthly traffic allowance can choose not to have their speed reduced and opt to pay for excess usage instead. That means your broadband connection will always run at full speed but there will be charges for extra traffic (data you download/upload) over and above your normal allowance. This is useful if it is more important to always have the fastest connection possible rather than a fixed monthly fee.

If your broadband connection seems to be going slow chances are you have been rate limited. You can easily check this through My Actrix, just go to, enter your username and password to log in, and then select the 'CyberJet Usage' option from the menu on the left. If you have been rate limited there will be a message telling you so and advising your next reset time.

There are also graphs available showing what you've used over the past day and seven days with the periods you were rate limited displayed in a different colour. There's also a 30 day history which details your usage per day and total for the period. This should give you an idea whether the plan you're on is best for you.

If you frequently exceed your traffic allowance you might want to consider moving to a plan with a monthly allowance, or upgrade to a higher allowance plan. More information on the plans available can be found here.

As always if you're unsure how your plan works or have any questions about the other options available please feel free to get in touch with us via or give us a call on 0800 ACTRIX (228-749) between 8am - 11pm seven days.



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