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The inaugural Actrix Internet Awards 2010

by Rob Zorn


Welcome to the inaugural Actrix Internet Awards! As 2010 comes to a close and 2011 can be heard whistling just around the corner, it's time to look back at what made 2010 a year worth remembering. We'll be presenting a number of awards to the websites, videos, and people on the internet that have really stood out this year, for either good or bad reasons.

Most Searched

The first award is for Google's most searched item of 2010, and it goes to Chatroulette, a Russian social-networking site that lets users video-chat online with random strangers. Apart from choosing whether you want to speak to a male or female, you really have no choice as to who you’re going to speak to. Don’t be worried if you had never heard of Chatroulette before, you haven't been missing out on much. This was really big in Eastern Europe, but failed to take off much anywhere else.

Runner-up, or “first-loser” for the "Most Searched" category goes to the iPad. Steve Jobs and the team at Apple have done it again, creating international headlines with another product that just five years ago seemed impossible.

For more on what were Google's top searches this year, see Google's Zeitgeist 2010.

Most Watched

YouTube is still the place to go for viewing videos online. In 2010, the world watched over 700 billion YouTube videos and uploaded more than 13 million hours of content. If you were to watch all the videos uploaded in 2010, it would take you almost 1500 years!

This year, the award for the most watched video goes to Antoine Dodson, an American man from the projects who was interviewed by a television reporter after someone broke into his house and assaulted his sister. His flamboyant and aggressive persona made him an internet sensation, sparking an iTunes hit, multiple covers and endorsements, and even his own t-shirt line.

Runner up for this award goes to a comedy-parody group called The Key of Awesome who parody and create spoofs of popular music. Their video Glitter Puke came in as the second most watched YouTube video of 2010, but we think it's safer to provide a link to their Batman is confused video..

For an entertaining and short video-roundup of the best of YouTube for 2010 click here.


Twitter, the social-networking and microblogging site that lets users send and read messages called tweets, nearly doubled in size in 2010. It seems that nearly everyone famous has their own Twitter account, from Barrack Obama to the Royal Family.

This month, Twitter put together a list of the most powerful tweets of 2010. Coming in at first place was a tweet from Ann Curry, a journalist who used her twitter account to persuade the US Air Force to authorise the landing of a plane that was carrying physicians to Haiti after the earthquake.

The second most powerful tweet came from the account owned by the White House, and was used to welcome Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to Twitter.

Read more about Twitter's top ten powerful tweets at this New Zealand Herald article.

Speaking of twits...

While anyone would be proud the awards we've mentioned so far, the next award belongs to the biggest twit to use a computer in 2010.

There were a number of worthy recipients for this award, so we've decided it's a tie between Facebook users Jonathan Parker and Robert Lewis Crose.

Parker, a teenager from West Virginia, was arrested and convicted for daytime burglary. Police knew who to charge after Parker forgot to sign out of his Facebook account on his victim’s computer.

Crose, who was wanted for making terrorist threats and skipping parole, had been on the run for over 12 years, made the mistake of posting his location on Facebook. It took just a quick phone call for the police to pin-point his whereabouts and make an arrest.

The final award...

No look at the past would be complete without a brief look to the future, so this award is for the website that will be most expected to succeed in 2011. One could argue that none deserve this accolade more than Facebook, Google or YouTube, which are continuing to grow in their number of users and in value.

However, this being the Christmas season, the award has to go to TradeMe. After the New Year, when all the presents have been unwrapped and the novelty of each gift is starting to wear thin, TradeMe will be inundated with auctions for all sorts of interesting and unusual items, from tangled Christmas lights to remote control helicopters and annoying Santa soft-toys that say “Ho ho ho” when thrown against a wall.

It’s a guarantee TradeMe will be the place to go for a bargain in 2011.

So there you have it, the inaugural Actrix Internet Awards! You can be sure that 2011 will present us with some new awards and a whole new list of worthy recipients.



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