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by Rob Zorn

It's that time of year again; time to untangle those Christmas lights, bake that boozy fruitcake, and send those Christmas cards. Itís also time to fill those Christmas stockings and, because deciding what presents to buy can be a real challenge, weíve decided once again to make the job a little easier. Here's another hopefully helpful round up so you can find the perfect gifts online.

Presents for him and her

The last thing a guy wants to unwrap on Christmas morning is a hair straightener (well, most guys) or another pair of socks. And she probably doesnít want a fishing rod or Rambo DVD collection, so why not check out these sites that are sure to contain the most gender-perfect gifts.

When shopping online for anyone, no matter what time of year, you canít go past this site. There are a number of ways to find that perfect gift. You could use the automatic finder, if you're struggling. This lets you select whether the giftís for him or for her. Then you select the occasion and how much youíre willing to spend, and the finder find the present for you.

You can also find a present according to the personality of the person you're buying for. There are a number of different personalities available. You can choose, from activists to sports fans to trend-setters and geeks. 

Red Balloon

If you still havenít found that perfect gift, try RedBalloonís selection of Christmas gifts. RedBalloon is a New Zealand company specialising in experiences rather than physical gifts. So while you wonít be able to wrap these up and fit them under the Christmas tree, thereís no doubt youíll find something here thatíll go down a treat. If youíre looking for him you could buy a Holden V8 race experience, or enrol him for his first class at Stunt Car Drive School. If youíre looking for her, you could get a harbour cruise, a spa treatment or a fudge tasting indulgence kit. And again thereís a calculator that lets you find a gift that fits your price range.

Presents for the kids

So you have a present for him and a special something for her, but now what about the kids? Theyíve been looking forward to Christmas morning all year, and the last thing you want to do is disappoint, so check out these sites and youíll be sure to find them what they want! This site is nicely spaced out so itís easy to find the kids something they really want, that wonít end up forgotten under the bed by Boxing Day. You choose a category of presents according to Mr or Ms Junior's age and gender, and you get given a whole selection of presents that suit. Thereís something for everyone too. Gift choices range from cars and crafts to games and gadgets. The only negative for this site is that it mainly focuses on pre-teens, so check out the next link if youíre looking for something for the 'bigger kids'. At Squidoo they've put together a handy selection of what they believe to be the top ten Christmas gifts for different groups of people of all ages, ranging from babies right through to Mum and Dad. There are also family gifts and experiences. You really donít have to go any further than this site for all your Christmas shopping needs.

Presents for someone who has everything

Present for him? Check. Present for her? Check. Presents for the kids? Check. But youíre not done yet. Perhaps one of the hardest people to buy for is that someone who already has everything. Thereís little worse than giving someone a book theyíve just read or a gadget they already have. So here are a few sites that are bound to have a cool present most people have never heard heard of.

At sites like these you can buy solar-powered iPod chargers, beanies with built-in headphones, and video-recording sunglasses. Thereís even a golf-club that doubles as a drink dispenser! These sites are fun to browse for the many weird and imaginative present ideas, and if you still canít find the perfect present on one of these sites then its definitely time to give up.

So there you have it. No more elbowing fellow shoppers as you hunt for bargains. No more crowded shopping malls and expensive parking. This year, why not do all your Christmas shopping online from the comfort of your favourite swivel chair.

But lastly, remember that online shopping, as great as it may be, is not without a certain amount of risk. Some tips for safe shopping online in New Zealand can be found at:



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