From the Actrix Online Informer October 2010

by Rob Zorn

Readers' Forum October 2010

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Malcolm writes: Rob, I am not sure if I signed up for this [emailed newsletter from a company called Reimage] but it appeared recently and looks on the surface to be quite authoritative. What is your opinion of this outfit?

Hi Malcolm, If you donít remember signing up to hear from Reimage, then you probably didnít. That it sends you unsolicited email as if you had signed up is a worrying sign. The product Reimage does not seem to be malicious software. I couldnít finds anything to indicate it was dangerous, but Iím not impressed by a few things.

A little Googling and I was able to find various reviews of the software, which apparently fixes problems with Windows by ďusing spare parts to replace corrupted filesĒ, but most of them were pretty obvious set-ups by the company providing reviews of its own product. However, one independent review was found in PC Mag magazine, and it did not recommend the product as working very well.

Bottom line, they appear to have spammed you and their marketing approach is dodgy. Even if they are squeaky clean in every other way, the Internet needs less of this sort of thing and Iíd unsubscribe or ignore them, until they prove themselves a little better.


Joanne writes, we are presently in Britain and can not send emails from our email program, only from web mail. Our SMTP is set at What do we need to do?

Hi Elizabeth, What you need to do is configure your email program to use secure SMTP. That way your user name and password are involved, so our sending server knows you're not a spammer and will send your emails for you. It's very easy to change your settings but it will be different depending on what email program you are using. Instructions on how to do this for various programs are available here:


Kirsten writes: If the Actrix invoice spans both September and October months, does this in effect mean that the September portion of the invoice will be billed out at 15% because the invoice is dated after 1 October?

Hi Kirsten, The two important points to note here are that Actrix bills in advance, so we are unlikely to be billing you in October for services you used in September. The second is that the GST rise to 15% applies from the date of the invoice, not from the date the service was used. So, if we billed you on 15 September, 12.5% GST would apply for an entire month and you would not start paying 15% until 15 October when we issued the next invoice. I hope that clears things up a little. Find out more about GST at Actrix here.







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