From the Actrix Online Informer July 2010

Be an online quiz whiz

by Rob Zorn

Taking a good quiz is a fantastic way to get those brain cells moving, kick-starting your brain before another day at the office, or practicing for the next quiz night down at your local pub. The internet is full of quality quizzes, ranging from general knowledge through to music, movies, and New Zealand trivia. Here is a round-up of some of the best, most worthwhile quizzes out there; and they’re all free!

Stuff daily

The daily quiz at Stuff is arguably one of the best general knowledge quizzes out there. Every day you are given an eclectic set of 15 questions that cover subjects ranging from current events to ancient history. This vast array of topics means some days you’ll know all 15 answers, but other days you might just know one or two.

About once a week, Stuff will also include a more specific quiz on a topic such as politics, business, or sport. You can also access the complete back-catalogue of these daily quizzes, dating back to September 2009.

Quiz wise

This quiz is quite similar to the daily Stuff quiz with a new set of questions every day, but only seven questions instead of 15. You still have the same assorted subjects, as well as an interesting statistics box which lets you know how you're going, making it a very worthwhile general knowledge quiz. One of the cool things about this quiz site is that you not only have the back-catalogue of quizzes, but you can generate your own customised quiz on any subject and level of difficulty you desire. 

Trivia plaza

Trivia plaza hosts an assortment of quiz topics, from geography and science to music and movies. Each topic has a number of differently styled quizzes that will test you on all aspects of any given subject. Two topics of note are popular music and computers, both of which have great ranges of quizzes. One of the best quizzes was the General Facts quiz under the Computer topic, which is a fantastic indicator of your personal geekness!

Fun trivia: New Zealand

So you think you know about your country? Here are a number of quizzes specifically on New Zealand that will make you realise just how much (or how little) you actually know about Aotearoa. There are 34 quizzes on New Zealand ranging from geography and Kiwiana to wineries and language.

For some pretty specific questions, try taking the “Suburbs of Christchurch” quiz or “The First Quiz on South Waikato”. Each quiz is also listed with information on the number of questions and their difficulty, so you always know what you’re getting yourself into!

Monkey quiz

Do you think you’re smarter than a monkey, even if your friends are convinced you have a lower IQ than the average primate? This quiz is a fool-proof way to determine who is the most intelligent. The monkey has already finished, so all you need to do is complete four different sections (Geography, History, Science, Technology) of 15 questions each to prove to your friends you know more than our knuckle-walking cousins! 

The New Zealand Emigration Guide

This is another set of quizzes on New Zealand trivia that will make you wonder just how much more there is out there that you don’t already know about The Land of the Long White Cloud. There are three quizzes, though they are each of only five questions. However, each question will be sure to test and challenge you whether you're thinking of moving to new Zealand, are just visiting or have lived here your whole life! 

AA road code quiz

Had your full driver's licenses for a number of years now? Think you’ve perfected the parallel park and dominated the double-clutch. In fact, you probably can’t even remember the last time you stalled you car! However, can you remember the maximum speed your vehicle can travel if towing a trailer? Do you know the minimum tread depth allowed on your tires? Chances are you’ve forgotten all these rules, so why not take this quiz to refresh your memory?

Each quiz takes 10 questions from the New Zealand road code, and if you get a question wrong, it tells you the answer and lets you know where you can go to find more information.

Who wants to be a millionaire

Have you ever been watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and known the answer to the million dollar question? Now you have a chance to prove you've got that composure and the knowledge to go all the way in the hot seat! This quiz is based pretty accurately on the popular game show, where contestants must answer 15 questions, each worth a little more money than the last, to get to one million dollars. The quiz does require flash-player to work on your computer, and you’re sure to find the music and sound effects unbearable well before you get to the million dollar question. So make sure you turn down the speakers before getting into the hot seat!

The never-ending movie quiz

This quiz is perfect for movie-buffs. It has questions on all sorts of movies with a vast range of genres and time-periods. The quiz itself claims to be made of over 400 million (yes, you read that correctly) questions, with more questions being uploaded by users every day. What’s good about this quiz is that it isn't formatted like other quizzes, which have a specific beginning and end. When you start “The Never-Ending Movie Quiz”, you are given a random question and you just keep answering questions until you get bored or until you’ve answered all 400 million questions. Whichever comes first. 

New Zealand Music

Most of us would probably know our Dave Dobbyn from Bic Runga, and our Split Enz from Crowded House. But how much do we really know about the music coming out of our country? Taking this quiz will give you a fair indication of whether or not you're a true fan! There are 30 questions, and you have the option of completing it via HTML or Flash, depending on what your computer can handle. When you've finished, the quiz will let you know which questions you got wrong and right, how many other people gave the same answers as you. It will also offer a little snippet of trivia related to each question. 

The impossible quiz

The Impossible Quiz is not like any other conventional quiz you've done before. It's hard to say how many questions there are because getting to the end is nearly impossible. The questions are about nothing, and sometimes the answers don't make any sense, so only attempt this bad-boy if you’ve already finished the previous movie quiz with the 400 million questions. It's a great time-waster, but will by no means benefit you intellectually. Before you get to the tenth question you may just be ready to kick a hole in your monitor. You have been warned.

So whether or not you need something to kick-start your brain or whether or not you feel compelled to prove yourself smarter than the average monkey, these quizzes can be a lot of fun. In just a few minutes, you'll become the most valuable asset to your local pub quiz team. It won’t take long for your friends and family to marvel at your seemingly infinite knowledge. You will know the ins-and-outs of Aotearoa, your Beethoven’s from your Blues Brothers, and your even the smaller suburbs of Christchurch! It doesn't get much better than that.


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