From the Actrix Online Informer February 2010

by Rob Zorn

Actrix online help

You may or may not have been aware that the Actrix website is just brimming with internet help. If you click Online Help in the main menu of our website, you may find yourself getting help for things you didn't know you needed help with.

Internet help

Have you recently upgraded your browser to the latest version? Did you know you can access our tutorials on how to set up things like the phishing filter and organise bookmarks (favourites) as well as a number of other things in IE7? Similar guides exist for earlier versions of Internet Explorer, and for browsers like Firefox and Safari, and IE8 stuff is coming soon.

Virus help

This page sums up how the built in Actrix virus scanners help keep unwanted nasties out of your email. But it also has tips on where you can get free anti-virus programs of your own, and what you should do to help keep your computer safe and secure.

Dialup connections

Every time Microsoft puts out a new operating system (that means versions of Windows such as XP, Vista, and the latest – Windows 7) they seem to change how dialup networking works, and where it can be found. This section contains everything you need to know to get your dialup connection working, no matter what operating system you have. Helpful screen shots are included.

Cyberjet connections

Most people are now on broadband, so it's good to know there's a lot of information for Actrix high-speed internet users in our help pages. Sections include how to set up various broadband modems, an explanation of what traffic is (to help make sense of all the different types of bytes), what can affect your speed, and basic trouble-shooting.


We also have a small collection of tutorials, such as on how to use your free Actrix home page, how to make the most of search engines, and, if you're interested, how web browsers work and how they know where to go to get your chosen website.

Email help

There are lots of little sections here devoted to various aspects of email. Are you getting more spam than usual and wonder why? Do you want to know what sorts of email services we support? This section will answer such questions. The PC and Mac sections have tutorials with screenshots to help you set up whatever email program you might have.

Internet security

The last section covers off all the things you need to think about to keep yourself safe online. Topics include: firewalls, security updates, identifying dodgy sites and tips for better passwords.

So, why not head on over and click Online help in our main menu? Have a browse around and see what's there. And, of course, if you're ever stuck with anything to do with your Actrix internet service, give our helpful help desk staff a call on 0800-228749 (8am until 11pm 24/7).

They're a great bunch of guys and girls who love the internet and thrive on being helpful. We're not sure why they're so good. We think there must be something in the water...


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