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by Rob Zorn

Conspiracy theories on the net

You gotta love a good conspiracy theory, and the Internet is full of them. While I usually have both feet firmly planted in the sceptics camp, the mystery and how conspiracy theories grow can be quite fascinating. I thought I'd round up a few websites dedicated to some of the more interesting conspiracy theories out there, and these really are only a small beginning!

Is Paul McCartney dead?

According to this conspiracy theory, which is almost as old as I am, Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in a car crash in November 1966, and was secretly replaced by a carefully groomed look-alike.

The most common tale is that on Wednesday, 9 November 1966 at 5 am, McCartney, while working on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, stormed out of a recording session after an argument with the other members of the group and drove off in his Austin-Healey, which he subsequently crashed.

He was replaced with the winner of a Paul McCartney look-alike contest. The name of this look-alike has been recorded as William Shears Campbell or 'Billy Shears' (the name of the fictitious leader of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band). Incidentally, the look-alike contest was really held, Campbell really did win it, and he hasn't been heard from since.

So-called clues to Paul being dead are believed to be littered throughout Beatles album covers and within the songs themselves. Abbey Road, for example, has the Fab Four resembling a funeral procession with John in priestly white, Ringo in undertaker's garb, George dressed as a grave digger, and Paul barefoot like a corpse. A nearby license plate reads 28IF. Paul would have been 28 had he lived. Paul, who was clearly left-handed, is also holding a cigarette in his right hand – another sign that the person on the cover is an imposter.

The cover of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is said to contain many more clues, including a hand over Paul's head symbolising death, and even the suggestion that he is being propped up and held by two other Beatles as if he were a corpse. On the cover of the Let it Be album, three Beatles are framed in white. Paul is framed in blood-red.

Even more intriguing are the clues said to be in the songs themselves. Of course "One and one and one is three" refers to the fact that there are now only three Beatles. "What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?" is Billy Shears letting us know he's not quite up to Paul's standard of singing yet. And of course, if you play Revolution Number 9 from The White Album backwards you can hear all sorts of things, including recordings from the crash that killed Paul.

All this only scratches the surface of the clues and conspiracy. Whether you believe Paul really did die and was replaced, or whether you think this sort of intrigue is just a great way to have your fans on while selling more records, it makes for a fascinating read, and may have you digging out your old Beatles records for another look at the covers.

And here's another clue for you all; the walrus was Paul...


Elvis is alive

Elvis Presley is alive and working as an undercover agent for the FBI. For years, the man known only as Elvis to the public, has caused world wide confusion concerning his supposed death on 16 August 1977 after entertaining and dazzling the world for over 20 years. Elvis Aron Presley, did not die on that fateful day. He was only removed from the public eye to continue in his fight against drug use.

He was able to keep his activities with the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and his involvement with the Federal Bureau of Investigations secret from his fans and family. The only one in his family who knew of Elvis's activities was his father Vernon. The day he supposedly died was the day the FBI felt it had enough evidence to arrest and convict the world wide Mafia ring Elvis had been working on bringing down.

When he was announced to be dead, the paramedics showed up two hours after they were supposedly called and "put on a terrific show trying to revive the King". The coroner's official report has never been released. Pictures of Elvis in his coffin have never been proven to be him. Handwriting experts have proven that the signature on his death certificate is in Elvis's own handwriting. Two hours after Elvis's death was announced publicly, a man who reportedly looked remarkably like Elvis purchased a ticket for Buenos Aeries, paid in cash, and used the name John Burrows: the same name Elvis had used as an alias several times before.

He still works as a special undercover agent, travelling around the globe a lot, which explains why there are many "Elvis sightings" around the world. In fact I swear I saw him in a burger bar in Waiouru.


Is AIDS a manmade disease?

There are two main theories about AIDS being a man made disease.

The Strecker AIDS theory is the work of Robert Strecker, an Los Angeles gastroenterologist who claims AIDS was requested, manufactured and deployed as a germ weapon. He says scientists cooked up AIDS around 1972 from something called "bovine visna virus." One item of evidence in support of Strecker's theory is a quote from a 1969 Congressional Record in which a physician mentions a government-sponsored research project that would create a "synthetic biological agent ... for which no natural immunity would have been acquired."

The main reason suggested for the development of the virus was so that it could wipe out minority groups such as black people and gays. People who believe this theory also tend to believe crack cocaine was also invented to kill blacks.

The Duesberg risk-group theory isn't quite as bizarre. Peter Duesberg, a respected virologist at UCal-Berkeley, says human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) doesn't cause AIDS, as is otherwise almost universally believed. Instead, AIDS is caused by a general weakening of the immune system due to drug abuse, disease, parasites, malnutrition (in Africa), etc. Duesberg isn't regarded as being in the same paranoid conspiracy theorist league as Strecker. A few scientists think he may be on to something; more than a hundred have joined the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis.


The Secret Order of the Illuminati

The Illuminati have been the stuff of conspiracy theories for centuries. There are various versions and varieties of groups that go by the name, but basically they're a secret brotherhood made up of the world's richest families who seek eventually to enslave mankind for their own ends.

They are the real decision makers, who make up the rules for presidents and governments to follow, and they are often hidden from public scrutiny. They are connected by bloodlines going back thousands and thousands of years, and they are very careful at keeping those bloodlines as pure as possible from generation to generation, so one would assume they're inbred and doubly dangerous.

Their power lies in the occult, (magic rituals) and in economy. The Illuminati own all the international banks, the oil-businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade, they infiltrate politics and education and they own most governments – or at the very least control them. They even own Hollywood and the music industry. Interestingly, their symbol appears on the American one dollar note!

Apparently, their current project is reducing the world population in order to more easily maintain their control, and ultimately the centralisation of power, which will include the whole world. This goal is called the "Work of the Ages". They see ordinary people as inferior to the extent that they don't care if we live or if we die. In a future global society, if they manage to accomplish this to its full extent, you and I will be no more than slaves, whom they can kill and treat as they want anytime they want.


The Antichrist

The Antichrist is prophesied by the Bible and some other scriptures to come at the end of the world to oppose the forces of good and bring about the ultimate demise and destruction of humankind through deception.

At most points in history, people have believed they were living in the end times and that the Antichrist was already amongst them.

There have been a number of likely candidates as to who the Antichrist is. Whoever he (or she) turns out to be, they'll be a sheep in wolf's clothing, appearing to work for the good of mankind, and likely to turn up where we'd least expect them to be.

The most popular candidate seems to be the pope ( but there are plenty more.

Princess Diana was murdered

Just after midnight on 31 August 1997 a limousine carrying Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Al Fayed collided with a pillar in the Alma Tunnel in central Paris. Only Al Fayed's bodyguard survived the accident.

Mystery has surrounded her death, but autopsy results soon revealed that Henri Paul, the driver, had a blood alcohol level at least three times the legal limit. At the end of a two-year police investigation blame was pretty much centred on Paul.

Not everyone was satisfied with the official version of events, however. Within hours of the announcement of her death, rumours of a plot to assassinate Princess Diana had begun to swirl with the main culprits being the royal family, assisted by the British intelligence service. They wanted her dead because she was poised to embarrass the crown by marrying Dodi Al Fayed, a Muslim, who would become stepfather to Princes William and Harry, the heirs to the British throne. It was even speculated that Diana was pregnant with Al Fayed's child.

It has been suggested that an MI6 agent was present at the scene, posing as a member of the press, and that a mysterious vehicle, a white Fiat Uno, was used by the conspirators to block the limousine's path, forcing it to collide with the pillar. It has been suggested that recordings from closed-circuit cameras in the Alma Tunnel which ought have documented the precise sequence of events were either tampered with or summarily disposed of. And so on.


The Bush Administration was behind the September 11 attacks

Even Charlie Sheen thinks the US the government was behind the attacks on the World Trade Centre etc in 2001. He says the attacks served "as the pretext for the systematic dismantling of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights." He even asserts that Osama bin Laden was "working for and with the CIA up until the day of 9/11."

There are several issues often cited by conspiracy theorists such as the collapse of the 47 story WTC 7 building that was not hit by a plane but collapsed into its own footprint later in the afternoon on September 11 and reports from fire fighters, police, first responders and others at ground zero, who all described explosions before the collapse of the twin towers and Building 7.

Other questions include:

  • Why was the US Air Force all across the country comprehensively "stood down" on the morning of September 11?
  • What happened to the black boxes allegedly found at Ground Zero?
  • How was it possible the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began? What happened to air defence?
  • Did Flight 93 crash or was it shot down, as indicated by the scattering of debris over a trail of several miles?



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