From the Actrix Online Informer September 2009

by Rob Zorn

Readers' Forum September 2009

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Jim writes: Hi, Really enjoyed "Perpetuum Jazzile". I suggest you add Jerome Murat as a site on YouTube which I found outstanding. There are also many clips of Billy T James on YouTube which bring back many fond memories.

Hi Jim. I'd never heard of Jerome Murat, so I searched for him on YouTube and came up with this clip which was very entertaining, if a little spooky. The others that came up in the search also looked intriguing. That's the great thing about YouTube; you can find pretty much anything (including old Billy T James clips), and the links YouTube automatically provides to related videos can lead to all manner of fun. Thanks for sending this in.


Steve writes: Hi Rob, My Microsoft Outlook is very slow to start up, (only happened recently) sometimes up to five minutes delay, on other occasions it will come up straight away. The version I am using is 2003 with all the Microsoft upgrades. Any thoughts on what would cause this, or better sill a solution to the problem? Cheers, Steve

Hi Steve, This is a toughie, and the solution offered would depend on what the problem is. At this stage I can give you lots of thoughts. It could be a number of things including: a shortage of RAM (memory),  an overly busy processor, your personal folders have become too large, or (and this is the most likely) Outlook has trouble sometimes connecting to your mailbox because your Internet connection is a bit slow (or jammed with spyware). Last possibility is that one of its start up files has become corrupt, but this is unlikely if it works fine at other times. Have you made any changes on your PC lately?

Some things you could do to try and fix the problem:

  1. Clear out and delete as much of the email in your mail folders as possible.
  2. Give your hard drive a good scan for spyware using either Adaware or Spybot.
  3. When you first go online, open up your browser and try surfing before you open Outlook. This will confirm whether you’ve got a good connection. See if any pattern emerges with this.
  4. Try re-installing Outlook from your Office CD if you have one.

Googling the problem could also help. For example, I found this exercise that helps get rid of a corrupt file in Outlook that can slow down a start-up.

If none of that helps, you could give our help desk a call for more advice, but the more you’ve done beforehand to spot patterns etc, the easier and quicker it will be for them to help.

I hope you get it sorted.


Margaret writes: Hi Rob! I always enjoy the Actrix Online Informer, thanks. After my return from a trip of three weeks, I cranked up my laptop and my emails started rolling. All was well to begin with and then the old emails switched around out of chronological order and the incoming ones became interspersed amongst the old ones. This has continued for four days now and while not a problem, it is irritating. Could I have accidentally hit something during download? Cheers, Margaret

Hi Margaret, Thanks for your kind words. I think I know what's happened. Yes, you probably have accidentally clicked something. Along the top of the inbox window where your emails appear as a list you’ll see labels such as From, Subject, To and Received. You can click those labels to sort the mail in your inbox in different ways. Click the Received one to re-order them by the date they arrived. Click it a second time to sort them in reverse time order, for example. I hope that helps!


John writes: Hi Rob, In last month's Online Informer there was an interesting and useful article in your "Interesting Sites" that I would have liked to print out. It was the one on many uses of vinegar. How could I print out the main parts of that site without the other "add-ons? Thanks, John.

Hi John, Yes, it can be difficult when web pages don't produce print friendly versions. One thing you could do is drag your mouse to select the text you want to print on the web page, and then click File/Print. That should allow you to put a dot in the Selection option, and your printer will then print only the text and images you have highlighted. That's probably about the best we can do.


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