From the Actrix Online Informer March 2009

by Rob Zorn

Readers' Forum March 2009

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Rosina writes: Great reading in the Actrix Online Informer. Thank you. Just making some comments. Recently, I've had two instances when I've done my email work through my Actrix webpage even when at home.

On tirst occasion my usual practice of emailing .jpegs of up to 5MBs wasn't working as usual. Though slow on dialup, they usually went without any trouble. But error messages were bouncing onto my screen saying the connection had been lost, then the process would start again, and again and again. Your technician, thank you, suggested I could try sending them through Actrix Web Mail and away they went and met the deadline. Brilliant and after a couple of days of go slow or whatever, we are back to normal again.

On the second occasion, on a website I participate in regularly, things got a bit personal when I started receiving 13MB .jpegs from the other person. On dial-up it isn't much fun. Then, I hit on the idea of going into Actrix Web Mail and was able to delete the other half dozen large .jpegs before they started downloading.

So, I guess what I'm saying, is that it can come in handy to do it through the Actrix website, not just when you're away from your own machine. Hope this makes sense. Cheers, Rosina.

Thanks Rosina. Yep, those are great uses for Actrix Web Mail. Rosina is responding to an article in the January 2009 Actrix Online Informer.


Monica wrote: Dear Editor, Is there any charge, other than the cost of the calls, for using Actrix for Toll Calls?

Hi Monica, No, there are no extra charges at all other than the costs of the calls. If you’re moving to Actrix tolls to get a better broadband deal with Actrix there are no fees involved with tolls there, either – and no minimum of calls you need to make.


Ione writes: I have an old account with Actrix and two computers linked to it For some reason my old computer no longer can be connected to Actrix. Seems the password I had on it (the automatic one) no longer applies. Can I get the password sent to me by e-mail? Or should I call a specific number to get it? Thank you heaps, Ione.

Hi Ione, We generally don't send passwords by email. Who knows who might get a hold of or see that email. You're best off calling the help desk on 0800-228749 and they will tell it to you over the phoe or re-set it for you – after a reasonably robust process to make sure you are who you say you are. It may also be that the dialup networking on your old machine is having some problems. If you talk to the help desk and get your password sorted, but things still don't work, you may want to ask them about that too.



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