From the Actrix Online Informer January 2009

Checking your email while on holiday

Here's how to keep track of your email while you're away.

Actrix provides each customer with online access to their e-mail. WebMail provides e-mail access whilst away from your normal home or office computer. It can be used from any location in New Zealand or worldwide as long as the computer has access to the Internet: e.g. at an Internet cafe, or a friend's computer (even if they're not with Actrix - shame on them).

To get to Actrix WebMail just go to and look for the My Actrix login box located on right hand side of the Actrix Homepage. Enter your username (which is just the first part of your e-mail address). Enter your password into the next field and click Login.

There are a number of things you can do with your account inside My Actrix, but the first thing you should notice is a big box telling you whether or not you have new mail. This is there to save you time if you haven't got any new mail. Pages like WebMail work hard as they have to pull in lots of data from other places, and it can be a little slow. This is often an issue from Internet cafes where there isn't enough bandwidth for everyone.

If you have new mail, click the big box and you'll land at a web page showing all the e-mails you have received since you last downloaded to your home computer.

Remember that WebMail will not allow you to access e-mails you have already downloaded to your home computer as those e-mails are no longer on the Actrix system. New messages will be in bold type, and messages that have already been read via WebMail will be in normal type. Message markings such as the paperclip for an attachment, and the ! for a priority message are all displayed as well.

Most of a normal e-mail program's features are included with WebMail, including Reply and Forward. Attachments can be viewed and downloaded as well. There is also a functional address book allowing you to store addresses online. This is helpful as you can enter other people's email addresses before heading away on holiday, which saves you losing the piece of paper you wrote them on!

A search feature is available so you can sift through your messages for a certain word or topic. You can also create folders to sort and store your mail. Just remember that when you get back to your home computer, you won't be able to get to those folders, so only use this feature while you're away, or if you use WebMail all the time (and some people do). The Options feature allows you to change the way your emails look or are displayed.

If you delete a message using WebMail it won't be received on your machine once you return home and check your mail with your normal e-mail program. The Trash folder (in the folder list on the left) is turned on by default and anything you delete using WebMail goes there (and is permanently deleted automatically after seven days). If you refresh the folder list or log back in again after deleting something the Trash folder should have a 'purge' option you can use to manually (and permanently) delete everything. If you want to get something back out of Trash that hasn't been permanently deleted yet, you can go in and manually put it back into your inbox so that your e-mail program will be able to see it again at home.

You can also use WebMail to access your Spam folder (also in the folder list to the left). This is where our Spam our filters send all the spam they catch. Feel free to have a look at what you've missed out on, but remember, a lot of spam isn't pleasant.

There is a WebMail Help menu which has a mine of information presented in a relaxed easy to read style to assist you in finding your way around. Alternatively the Actrix Helpdesk can assist you with WebMail inquiries 0800 228 749.

There are also times when some well-meaning friend sends you an e-mail with an enormous load of attachments (party photos are a classic example) and this e-mail takes forever to download on dialup, or just gets stuck half way, meaning any new e-mail behind it is inaccessible. With Actrix web mail, you can simply log into your account online, find the e-mail that's a problem, and then delete it. When you go back to your e-mail program, you'll find the problem gone.

E-mail on the go is never easier than with Actrix WebMail. If you think you might need to use it, have a bit of a play with it before you head off on your trip. Send yourself a message or two with it, explore the different menus available and familiarise yourself with how the system works. It might even be worth planning a trip just to test it out!

One final word of advice – WebMail from Internet cafes is always a risk. Machines in public places can contain key-logging software to steal your password. There's no need to be too paranoid, but don't deal with sensitive or really private matters from Internet cafes. And make sure you change your password as soon as you get home.


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