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by Rob Zorn

Readers' Forum May 2008

If you'd like to ask a question or request some help on any Actrix or Internet-related matter. Simply send us an e-mail with the word "Forum" in the subject line. I'll try and get an answer to you by return e-mail, and will also post the answer here for the benefit of others who may have a similar question or problem. By the same token, if you read something here and think you may have something to suggest, please feel more than free. Please also note that questions and answers may also turn up under the Helpful Tips section on the Actrix home page (


Steve writes: Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the link to Craigslist in the last newsletter. We want to buy a RV in Canada for a trip around US/Canada for six months and the site had some great private vehicles for sale. Regards, Steve

That's great Steve, and thanks for saying so. It's good to know that one of the interesting sites was also of practical use.


Christine writes: Dear Rob, We have recently bought a new computer running Windows Vista Ultimate. Our problem is that when we print a web page it prints in a very small sized font (looks like 8), but printed emails come out as they are on the screen. Is this a setting within the browser, and if so how do we change it? With thanks, Christine.

Hi Christine, If you've got Vista Ultimate, you've probably also got the most up-to-date version of Internet Explorer (IE), which now includes some new print settings. I'm not sure which method you're using to print, but try clicking the little down arrow next to the printer icon over to the top right of the IE browser. This should allow you to select "Print Preview" which is where the new settings can be found. By default, the browser seems to be set to "Shrink to fit", which is a handy new feature designed to stop the old problem of the right hand side of the page not printing because it is too wide for your printer.

With the Print Preview pane open, you can use the drop-down menu to change the setting from "Shrink to fit" to "100%". The pane will automatically preview how the page will look when you print it. By changing the view to "100%", you may find the print area now extends off the right hand side. If so, there are a couple of things you could try. The first is selecting a percentage that works for you. For example, "80%" or "90%" may make the area small enough without reducing the font size too much. Perhaps a more workable solution, however, is to change the page orientation from portrait to landscape. You’ll see two little icons over to the top left of the print preview pane that allow you to switch back and forth between the two, with the end result showing in the preview area.

Because web pages are normally set in a landscape format, that is their wider than they are high on the screen, I recommend always printing them in landscape, no matter what browser or method. I hope that helps.


Bill writes: Rob, I would be grateful for some help. Over the years using Internet Explorer I have built up a rather large list of "Favorites" They seem to be listed in the order they were entered. I would like to list them alphabetically so that they are more easily accessed. I have not found a way to do this. The option "Organize Favorites" provides no way to achieve it.

One of your early users I fully subscribe to the "Consumer" listing of the company as being at the top of support services. Congratulations! Bill

Hi Bill, You'd think with all the improvements to Internet Explorer that Microsoft has made that it would have occurred to them to put the ability to sort the order of your favourites on the Organize Favorites dialogue box, but no, that would just be too sensible. However, it is easy to organise your favourites in alphabetical order – in fact it's so simple it is easy to miss. Simply click Favorites, and then right-click on any one of the favourites appearing in the list. In the sub-menu that pops up, click "Sort by name". Bob's your uncle.

Thanks for your kind words about Actrix, too Bill, and for your customer loyalty over the years.


Dear Rob, In your April Informer under "Reader's Forum" there is a complaint about the rising number of spam emails. What spam? I might get two per week and say: Actrix, well done! Kind regards, Jurgen.

Thanks Jurgen, our techs put a lot of time and effort into tweaking the spam filters on the mail servers. It's a delicate process and one they have to really be on the ball about to make sure they only filter out the bad stuff. It's a thankless task, often, too, as spammers are clever and "sneak a few past the goalie" quite often and the techs may get blamed for that.

To be fair to all, though, the spam burden will vary from customer to customer. Some are much more prone to spam for all sorts of reasons – they may have lots of email addresses, or have their email address appear on lots of websites. People like that will get hit harder and experience more spam than others who use the web less often.


Rob, I was for years protected by Mailwasher, but a while ago I lost contact and I am not succesful in getting it back. Probably I didn't pay mine contribution in time?. I would love to have my protection back, can you help me? Thank you, Gerard.

Hi Gerard, Yes, Mailwasher is a pretty cool product developed by Nick Bolton, a New Zealander. It lets you connect to your mailbox and delete spam and other rubbish before your mail program connects and downloads it. It's still available for free from, though the free version has some limitations (can only be used with one email address etc). The full version costs about $US30.

Mailwasher is also good for connecting to your mailbox and deleting any big emails that may be clogging up a dialup download, and it can also be used to send bounces back to spammers and scammers so that they think your mailbox doesn't exist. I'm not sure whether that answers your question about getting it back. If not, let me know.


Russell writes: Hi, my friend has just purchased a computer and I have been helping him set it up. On the Outlook Express screen we have lost the Folders Column on the left hand side of the screen and it does not matter what we do, we can not retrieve it. Would appreciate any help thank you, Russell.

Hi Russell, It might be that the folders column is simply turned off and you need to turn it back on again. Click View and then Layout and place a tick back in the folders bar box.


John writes:  Hi, Is there a simple method of printing out the Outlook Express address  book in alphabetical order? Regards, John

Hi John, Yes, there is. Try this method:

  1. Select Tools/Address Book from the menu in Outlook Express.
  2. To change the sort order, select View | Sort By from the menu and select the order you prefer.
  3. You can choose just to print certain contacts. To select multiple (individual) contacts, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on them. If you want to print all address book entries, no selection is necessary.
  4. Click the Print button in the toolbar.
  5. Click Options to select the paper size and orientation you prefer.
  6. Under Print Style, select the desired layout.
    • Memo outputs all the information about the contacts.
    • Business Card prints names, company names, email addresses and phone numbers.
    • Phone List creates a list of phone numbers (home, business, mobile, fax and others) for the contacts.
  7. Click Print and you're away!

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