From the Actrix Online Informer March 2008

by Rob Zorn

So what else can I do at My Actrix?

In the last Actrix Online Informer, we looked at how you can log into My Actrix to set up new email addresses and keep track of the ones you already have. You can access that article here. In the article above we've also covered how you can use My Actrix to check your email via WebMail and also look at anything that has been diverted to your Spam folder. It seems like a good time, then, to also do a survey of what else can be done under My Actrix. I'll go over it all pretty quickly for the sake of space, but you are encourage to log in and have a play around yourself.

You can log into My Actrix on the Actrix home page at You can log in with your main account user name and password, or with the user name and password from one of your mailboxes (another term for extra email address). When you're logged in you will only be able to access and alter information that pertains to that particular log in. So, if you wanted to check your dialup or Cyberjet usage, you could only do that logged in under your main account.

The ability to check your various usages (e.g. tolls, Cyberjet and Cyberbyte 1) comes via the vertical menu to the left, but the really fun stuff is all in the main menu on the body of the page, so let's have a look at what's there.


When you first log in, you'll see there's a large image telling you whether or not you have new mail. You can click that image to go to your WebMail inbox whether you have new mail or not. WebMail is handy for a number of reasons. People travelling can still use their Actrix e-mail address because they can log into Actrix WebMail from anywhere in the world or if you're using someone else's computer.

There are also times when some well-meaning friend sends you an e-mail with an enormous load of attachments (party photos are a classic example) and this e-mail takes forever to download on dialup, or just gets stuck half way, meaning any new e-mail behind it is inaccessible. With Actrix WebMail, you can simply log into your account online, find the e-mail that's a problem, and then delete it. When you go back to your e-mail program, you'll find the problem gone.

Keep in mind, though, that in accessing your Actrix e-mail this way you are bypassing your e-mail program. You won't be able to see messages you've already downloaded to your e-mail program, and anything you delete via WebMail will be gone for good. (It won't be in Outlook Express's Deleted Items folder when you go look for it later).

Manage your account information

This feature of My Actrix allows you to interact directly with our database and change your contact details. If you've moved or changed your PO box you don't need to call the help desk (though you're always welcome to). You can just log in here and update your details directly yourself.

You can also change your password here. You will need to know what your current one is, of course, before we'll let you change it, and here you can only change the password you're currently logged in under. If you want to change the password for one of your mailboxes you can do this under your main account log in, but you'll need to select Manage Your Actrix Services to do that (see below).

The third option is the ability to check your statements. Not sure about a bill or whether or not it's been paid? You can find out here.

The fourth option presented allows you to check your mailbox usage. By default you're allowed 100 megabytes for each mailbox and if yours is full, people sending email to you will receive a bounce message telling them you can't receive email because you're over-quota. This feature allows you to check how much space each mailbox under your account is using, and would be a good place to check if you think you're not receiving emails anymore and wondering why.

Manage Your Actrix Services

There's lots of really handy stuff to do in this section. Under Accounts and Billing you can make a credit card payment, download a direct debit form, or change the way your account is paid.

Under Actrix Mail you can see all your mailboxes (extra email addresses), add or delete them or change their passwords. Again, you'll need to know the password of the mailbox before you can change it.

Under Other Services, you can accomplish lots of other neat stuff. If you like receiving spam (believe me, some people do), or want to experiment, you can turn the spam filter off and on for your account. You can also set up a vacation message for while you're away and word it yourself to automatically inform people you're not able to read your email, but that you'll get back to them when you can.

The Newsletter settings feature lets you tell us you don't want to receive newsletter announcements, and while you're there you can switch off receiving other Actrix announcements as well. We make it a policy not to bombard customers with offers and things, but some people just don't want anything. Even if you do change the setting to not receive announcements, we'll still send you stuff that's of high importance, like changes to your account pricing. After all, you do need to be informed.

Lastly, you'll see there are some links there that don't yet fully work - Domains, Hosting and Databases. We're working on these, and when we do get them up and running, you'll be able to log in and set up mail rules for your domains, play with your databases, automatically get more web-hosting space, and all sorts of other cool, but more advanced, stuff.


CyberFilter is a product we launched a few years ago before spam filters were as advanced as they are today, and we still have a large number of customers who love it because they really hate spam. If you're a CyberFilter customer, basically no one can successfully email you unless you add them to your whitelist. Anybody on your black list gets an automatic bounce message as if you didn't exist. Every other email you receive ends up on your grey list and you can decide whether to whitelist, blacklist or ignore the sender. It may seem a little complicated, but it's easy enough to use once you get the hang of it. If you want to find out more, log into this section of My Actrix and you can access links to more information, and a Frequently Asked Questions document.

User Homepage

Most Actrix customers are entitled to some free web space for their own non-business site. You can have up to 20 Megabytes of personal space as part of your connection deal. It's already set up for you - all you have to do is log in and upload.

User homepages are a good place to begin experimenting with your first website outing, but there are a couple of provisos. You  can't use this personal space in conjunction with a domain name, and you can't use this space for business purposes. The web address you get is probably not the most professional look for a business anyway, but personal web space is a fine way to publish your resume or upload family news and photos for friends and family to access from overseas.

To see how your site looks, just go to

There's a past Informer article about how to use this feature here.


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