From the Actrix Online Informer February 2008

by Rob Zorn

Extra email addresses

Most of the Internet plans offered by Actrix come with more than one email address. Our Cyberbyte 30, 150 and Flat Rate and CyberJet accounts all come with five mailboxes, which means you have extra email addresses at your disposal if you want them. One email address will be created automatically with your account and will be formed from your account user name, but if you'd like more email addresses (e.g. for your partner or children), you will have to set these up yourself. If you want more than five, or if you're on the Cyberbyte One account, they cost $5.00 each per month.

The good thing is that email programs, such as Outlook and Outlook Express, allow you to check and use more than one email address at a time, and it's not hard to get this feature working. Each mailbox will hold up to 100 Megabytes of email, which is a fair bit, and you can also purchase upgrade to more space if you need to.

To set up another email address (e.g., you first have to create with Actrix a mailbox with the user name of the email address you want to use (in this case, "mysonjohn"). You add mailboxes to your account under the My Actrix log in at the main Actrix website. Log in using your main account user name and password. Click My Services in the horizontal menu at the top of My Actrix, and then click Actrix Mail in the drop down menu. The Actrix Email Administration page will then tell you how many mailboxes you have, and what their names are, and how many more you can create.

Click the Add an Email address button to create a new mailbox. You'll be asked to add the user name you want (just put in [for example] mysonjohn, rather than and to type in the new password for the mailbox before clicking Add Address. The system will tell you if that user name is already in use, and let you try a different option if needed.  If your new user name isn't already in use by someone else, the system will inform you that your new mailbox has been successfully added. Your new mailbox should be live and ready to receive email within 15 minutes or so.

The next step is to set up your email program so that it checks the new email address. We'll include some instructions for Outlook Express. If you're an Outlook user, the method will be similar, depending on your version.

  1. Start Outlook Express, and on the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  2. Click Add, and then click Mail to open the Internet Connection Wizard.
  3. On the Your Name page of the wizard, type your name as you want it to appear to everyone who gets e-mail from you, and then click Next. Most people use their full name, but you can use any name – even a nickname –that people will recognise.
  4. Type your e-mail address, and then click Next.
  5. On the E-mail Server Names page, POP3 should be selected by default as your incoming server type. If it isn't, select POP3. Put into the Incoming mail server field and into the Outgoing (SMTP) mail server field, and then click Next.
  6. On the Internet Mail Logon page, type the user name and password for the new email address.
  7. Click Next, and then click Finish.

You can use this procedure to add an email account to Outlook Express for the first time, or to add a new one which Outlook Express will now also check each time it does a "Send and Receive".

If you're setting up Outlook Express to be checking two (or more) email accounts, you will also want to be able to choose which address to send an email from at any given time. From now on, when you open a new email, you should see that a "From" field now appears at the top. Outlook Express will add this automatically whenever it has more than one account to deal with. To the right of this new field you should see a little down arrow. Clicking the down arrow will drop down a list of available email addresses. Simply click the one you want to send from.

It's that easy!

You can also set the default email address to the one you use most often, so that most of the time you won't have to click the down arrow. To set your one of your email addresses as the default, Click Tools and then Accounts. Select the email address you want to use as the one that comes up first and then click the Set as Default button to the right. If that button is greyed out, then the selected email address is already set as the default.



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