Readers' Forum - February 2007

From the February 2007 Actrix Online Informer

If you'd like to ask a question or request some help on any Actrix or Internet-related matter. Simply send me an e-mail with the word "Forum" in the subject line. I'll try and get an answer to you by return e-mail, and will also post the answer here for the benefit of others who may have a similar question or problem. By the same token, if you read something here and think you may have something to suggest, please feel more than free. Please also note that questions and answers may also turn up under the Helpful Tips section on the Actrix home page (


Lois writes: Hi Rob, I have a message that keeps on duplicating when it is being received. How do I stop this process and just receive the message once? Other mail is not being received because of this "jam" in the system.

Hi Lois, Sometimes people will send e-mails that are quite large, and these can take a long time to download on a dial-up connection. Sometimes they just don't seem to be able to make it all the way through a download. This can be annoying since the large e-mail will block the messages that come in after it, and every time you go to download mail you get the same big one all over again and nothing that is behind it.

When that happens you can log in to Actrix Webmail which gives you access to everything in your mailbox all at once. You can check who sent the big one and decide if it's worth downloading. If not, you can delete the e-mail from your mailbox with-out having to wait for it to be downloaded first.

From the Actrix homepage ( log in to My Actrix using your Actrix username and password. Then click on the Webmail link. You should then see a preview of everything in your mailbox. If you want to delete a message simply put a tick in the box next to it (just to the left) and then click on the delete button. I Hope that helps.


Brian writes: Hi Rob, We have just opened a real can of worms by purchasing a second home computer (a laptop) while one alone was happy taxing my grey (power) matter. 1. Is there an easy way to transfer my Outlook Express address book from the desk top to the lap top? 2. When an email is opened in one computer is there any way it can be read by the other computer? Cheers, Brian.

Hi Brian, If both computers are running Windows XP, you can use the Files and Settings Transfer (FAST) wizard to transfer both files and settings for Outlook Express from one computer to another. The wizard creates a single compressed copy of your entire Outlook Express Identity, including your mail and news folders, your account settings, your custom views, custom toolbars and all other user settings. You run the wizard on your old computer to create the file, burn the file to CD, then run the wizard again on the new computer and point it to your transfer file.

It's too long a process to go to in great depth in the Online Informer, but there are guides online as to how to do this. There is, for example, an illustrated guide to using the FAST wizard with screen shots of each step here:

If you do not have access to a Windows XP setup CD, you can still transfer your Outlook Express by using one of the several backup approaches. You just back up on the old computer and then restore the backup copy on the new computer. You can find some Microsoft support on this here:

As far as your second question goes, with normal settings, once you have downloaded an e-mail from the mail server, it can only be viewed on the computer it was downloaded to. You can, however, set both computers to leave e-mails on the server. This will stop them being deleted when one computer downloads them. They will still appear as new to the other computer which can also then download them.

For each computer:

  1. Open Outlook Express and click Tools/Accounts.
  2. Make sure the Mail tab is selected and your account is highlighted in blue.
  3. Click the Properties button to the right and then go to the Advanced tab.
  4. Place a tick in the box labelled "Leave a copy of messages on server.

I hope that helps a bit.