Readers' Forum - January 2007

From the January 2007 Actrix Online Informer

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Kevin writes: Hi Rob, I received a spam email that was a re But the original message said it was from my email address. Could this mean one of these spammers has set me up as a botnet and if so is there a way of getting out of this?

Hi Kevin, No, this isn't a sign that you're part of a botnet. The spammer has just used your e-mail address as the 'from' setting in sending the spam. Anyone can put any address in that setting, and it doesn't mean that the spam has been sent from your computer. What you're experiencing is quite common, and not really a cause of concern except for the nuisance aspect.

While unlikely, it is entirely possible that your computer could be part of a botnet. The only way to be sure it's not is to use a reputable anti-virus program to scan your hard drive. This will pick up any trojan installed that might be sending out spam secretly via a back door. I wouldn't be worrying too much at this stage, though.

Maureen writes: I thought I would just say to you and your team how grateful I am that I am with Actrix and have the use of the Cyberfilter, I was away recently for 10 days and couldn't believe the amount of Spam that had collected in the Filter in that short time. So thank you all. I hope that you all have a peaceful and restful Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year. Regards, Maureen

Thanks Maureen for your kind words. We're very proud of our tech boys who put in some pretty long hours to get on top of the recent spam explosion. You'll probably find that volumes will still ebb and flow over time as spammers come up with new tricks to get around the latest filtering upgrades. It's a never-ending battle as this month's FAQ on spam shows!