Readers' Forum - July 2006

From the July 2006 Actrix Customer Newsletter

If you'd like to ask a question or request some help on any Actrix or Internet-related matter. Simply send me an e-mail with the word "Forum" in the subject line. I'll try and get an answer to you by return e-mail, and will also post the answer here for the benefit of others who may have a similar question or problem. By the same token, if you read something here and think you may have something to suggest, please feel more than free. Please also note that questions and answers may also turn up under the Helpful Tips section on the Actrix home page (

Ayisha writes: Hello Rob, For the last two days my computer is not showing any box to enter in web addresses. We have gotten around this by clicking on Google in our favourites list and then typing in a word/phrase most appropriate to the web address we intended to use - not ideal.

Also, I have noticed that in "Outlook Express" when I have clicked working online the icon comes on as though I am online but I am not hearing any phone connection. To ensure a connection I have hit the www symbol on my keyboard, which takes me to the Actrix home page, then I am offered to make a dial up connection which goes ahead. I am not sure what is wrong or if we have a virus. Any suggestions?

Hi Ayisha, Looks like you've somehow accidentally turned off your address bar. This is something that's pretty easy to restore. I assume you're using Internet Explorer. If not, the process is similar or the same in most browsers.

With Explorer open, click Tools in the menu along the top. In the drop down box, click Toolbars. Another box opens to the left. Click to make sure there is a tick next to Address Bar. That should restore your ability to enter web addresses. While you're there you can have a fiddle around with turning other toolbars on and off to see if there's anything else you might like to have or not have on permanent display.

The other problem with Outlook Express is just dependent on your settings. There's nothing here to indicate you have a virus. The online and offline mode button isn't really designed to connect or disconnect you to or from the Internet. Normally if you start Outlook Express, it should bring up the dialup connection box or start connecting you automatically.

If it disconnects you automatically after checking your mail, and you don't want that, you can go into Tools and then Options, and untick the box that says disconnect after sending and receiving.

If you click Send and Receive and you're not online, Outlook Express should automatically try and connect you again. If it doesn't, you may need to call the Actrix help desk on 0800-228749 and get them to go over your settings with you. There are a number of different options, and it would be best if someone were talking to you while preference settings were done.

I hope that helps.


Bert writes: Hello Rob Just a question. When I send a picture by e-mail to a friend, and let us assume it takes 30 seconds to send, if I then send it to two more friends that will also take 30 seconds each, that is 90 seconds in total. Now if I send it to the first friend with the other two as CC: will that take 30 or 90 seconds? I feel it will take 30 seconds, so I get three for the price of one, or not?

One more, a while ago I was downloading a program, and a message came up wanting me to disconnect as the modem has been idle for so long. Why is downloading being regarded as idle time?

The CC stuff is all handled at Actrix's end, so yes, if you use the CC field, it should take just 30 seconds to send three "30 second e-mails." You will indeed get three for the price of one!

Regarding download time: unfortunately, download speeds don't remain constant. Often things slow or halt the download such as modem freezes, busy servers or interruptions along the line somewhere. While the modem is paused because of these, it is in fact "idle" as no traffic is going back or forth. Technically you're still in the middle of a download, but the lack of traffic is detected and the disconnection message comes up. I hope that clarifies.


Glenis writes: Hi, I have a question I hope you can help me with. I have two email addresses, the main one, which I use most of the time, but also a sub/additional one I use occasionally. Why does my sub one only come through web mail? I only found these emails by accident. I would much prefer them all to come through my usual Outlook Express inbox. Please help.

Hi Glenis, If you have a second Actrix e-mail address, the chances are you now have two mailboxes to check. You need to set up your e-mail program so that it also checks this second mailbox. It's pretty easy to do this in Outlook Express.

With Outlook express open, click Tools and then Accounts. In the box that pops up, click Add and then Mail.
Put your name into the name field and click Next.
Enter the second e-mail address into the next box.
Make sure POP3 is selected and then put into the incoming mail server field.
Put into the outgoing mail server field, and click Next
Put the user name for the second e-mail address into the Account name field (just the part of the e-mail address that comes before the @ sign, and enter your password for that mailbox into the password field.
Click Finish and you're done.

Now, when you open a new e-mail in Outlook express, you'll have a dropdown box at the top so that you can choose which e-mail address you want to send from.

Give Actrix a call on 0800-228749 if you need help getting your password, or if this doesn't work too well for you. I hope that helps.